• About Samaritan Fellowship

    Since 1958, the Samaritan Fellowship, a nonprofit ministry, has strived to carry out the Lord’s admonition to help our neighbor. Our purpose is to help those who have exhausted every available means for providing adequate shelter, utilities, medical care, fuel, vehicle repair, short-term shelter, food, clothing, and other emergency services. We serve families living in the Carlisle Area School District, South Middleton School District, and Middlesex Township.

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June 11th meeting

On Saturday, June 11th, 26 clients appeared at Samaritan Fellowship for assistance.  1 for bus ticket, 5 for car repair, 3 for electric, 3 for furniture, 3 for utility gas, 1 for gasolene, 1 for phone, 10 for rent, 5 for security deposit, 1 for storage, and 1 for water.  A total of $5,373.16 was expended on behalf of clients and 3 were provided with furniture.  6 clients were referred to other agencies.  16 Board Members and 1 guest were in attendance to assist clients.

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