• About Samaritan Fellowship

    Since 1958, the Samaritan Fellowship, a nonprofit ministry, has strived to carry out the Lord’s admonition to help our neighbor. Our purpose is to help those who through no fault of their own have exhausted every available means for providing adequate shelter, food, clothing, utilities, medical care, short-term shelter and other emergency services. We serve families living in the Carlisle Area School District, South Middleton School District, and Middlesex Township.
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If you need help:

Samaritan Fellowship meets every Saturday morning at the Carlisle United Methodist Church located at 45 South West Street, Carlisle, PA.  Applications may be submitted from 8:00 to 10:00 AM.  No applications are accepted after 10:00 AM.  Applicants must bring the appropriate documentation identified on the Applying for Assistance page to support their requests. For further information please review these Pointers for Applicants.

If you need to refer someone:

Samaritan Fellowship Accepts only electronic referrals from your organization for clients seeking assistance from Samaritan Fellowship.  Samaritan Fellowship no longer accepts fax referrals.  Our intention is to enable our administrative team to capture referrals and assign them to client records electronically, rather than resort to paper copies.

Our e-mail address for such referrals is


We will periodically check this e-mail account during the week and up until about 8:00 PM Friday evening.

We also request that you consider using the Samaritan Fellowship referral form, although your organization’s standard referral letter is an acceptable substitute.

The Samaritan Fellowship Referral Form includes a confidential section in which the referring case manager or other party may include additional information that may be helpful in making an assessment of need.  This section will be kept in strict confidentiality within Samaritan Fellowship.

Please disseminate this information to all persons in your organization who make referrals to us.  Also, please send us the e-mail addresses of those persons so we can include them in future information from Samaritan Fellowship.

For other inquiries:

For more information about Samaritan Fellowship, and for all other inquiries, please contact us via email at


You can reach us by telephone on Saturday morning from 8:00 to 11:00 at


Our mailing address is:

Samaritan Fellowship
P.O. Box 495
Carlisle, PA 17013

Current events and news items are posted on this website in the blog on the Homepage.

Do not attempt to reach Samaritan Fellowship or leave a message through the Carlisle UMC office.  The office is instructed to not take messages for Samaritan Fellowship.

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