• About Samaritan Fellowship

    Since 1958, the Samaritan Fellowship, a nonprofit ministry, has strived to carry out the Lord’s admonition to help our neighbor. Our purpose is to help those who have exhausted every available means for providing adequate shelter, utilities, medical care, fuel, vehicle repair, short-term shelter, food, clothing, and other emergency services. We serve families living in the Carlisle Area School District, South Middleton School District, and Middlesex Township.

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Types of Assistance

Applicants requesting financial assistance are required to document their needs and are interviewed by members of the Fellowship before assistance is granted.  No funds are given to individuals, and all payments for bills are made directly to landlords and vendors. In some situations, personal and/or financial counseling is a prerequisite for financial help.

There are no typical cases; however, the following situations illustrate the needs many of our clients have. Our hope is that the crisis intervention we provide will enable our clients to make the first steps toward stability and security for themselves and their families with help from Samaritan Fellowship.

Gas vouchers are given and car repairs are funded so clients are able to make it to job interviews, work assignments, and doctor appointments.
Security agreements are made for families in need so that they are able to move out of shelters and into their own homes.
Heating oil is provided to families with children so that they can stay warm in the cold winter.
Rent is paid for families whose breadwinners are struggling with unemployment so that they can keep their homes while searching for a new job.
Assistance with medications and other health care related needs is given to clients facing devastating illnesses like AIDS and cancer.
Temporary housing is funded for homeless clients that have gained employment and are waiting for that first paycheck.
Referrals are given for clients and families, to agencies such as Maranatha-Carlisle, a financial budgeting service, to help clients begin their journey back to financial independence and family safety.

If you need help:

For more information, see the Applying for Assistance page.
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